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Re: Corel Setup Design Proposal

>>>>> On Thu, 6 May 1999 11:06:16 -0500
>>>>> "David" == David Welton <davidw@master.debian.org> wrote:

David> On Thu, May 06, 1999 at 04:53:50PM +0100, Robin Stephenson wrote:
>> [...] Corel Intel Debian GNU/Linux distribution [...]

David> That, and *maybe* PPC is where the vast majority of users who
David> want a nice, friendly install are.  And that is also where
David> Corel's software runs...

Maybe I'm reading too much into this... so there's no chance of
seeing, say, WordPerfect running on Alpha Linux under anything than
x86 emulation?  Or of buying a Corel Alpha Debian CD-ROM?

>> I sort of assumed it would be cross-platform because of the ARM
>> product line [...]

David> The netwinder, *no longer is a Corel product*. [...]

Sorry, I'd forgotten about that.

 Robin Stephenson

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