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Re: Corel Setup Design Proposal

On Thu, May 06, 1999 at 11:54:55AM -0400, Dave Neil wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm sure some of you have been wondering what we're doing at Corel.
> We've been busy defining  what our distribution will look like and how
> we'll execute certain
> tasks, such as installation and package management.
> In doing so we've tried to stick as much as possible to the present
> Debian layout and methods.
> Adam D'Carlo has setup a setup-api section under
> cvs.debian.org/debian-boot/setup-api.
> That will be where we will do our development from. Our own internal CVS
> site will be for backup purposes. By using the Debian CVS site we will
> be essentially putting our work "out there" for everyone to see, and
> should they choose work with. Our work will be uploaded there shortly.
> To date most of our work has been in planning , with some initial
> experimentation of concepts, such as live CD.Here's what we are
> proposing for our design. Please note that all the following procedures
> and steps can be ignored or modified by Debian. The overall design is
> very flexible.
> 1.We intend to use a rescue image to boot off either a floppy or CD-ROM.
> 2.A splash screen will appear(lilo) and  the initrd image and kernel
> will be loaded.
> 3. Kernel boot messages will be sent to an alternate console.
> 4.A linuxrc will determine the cdrom, mouse, network card and hard drive
> devices.
> 5. linuxrc  then mounts the cdrom on /instmnt and loads the  correct
> mouse driver and
>      corresponding  XF86Config file.

I think this is a very difficult point, how do you plan to solve this, choose the
right Xserver and XF86Config file for the users system ? Or do you plan to use the
fbdev server ? i think not yet all graphic cards have video servers ...

Sure XFree 4.0 will make live easier for you there, but it is still not there.



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