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Re: sensible-browser script ?

On Mon, 03 May, 1999, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Mon, May 03, 1999 at 10:31:07AM +0000, Edward Betts wrote:
> > This would be useful for one of my packages xfig. The only problem is that as
> > an X program it can't just run sensible-browser and be done with it.
> > sensible-browser can either run, lynx or netscape, if it wants lynx it must
> > run an xterm, and run lynx inside that. But, if it netscape, we do not want an
> > xterm. And if it is not being run from an X11 program, say from urlview in an
> > xterm, it does not want to lanuch an extra xterm for lynx.
> > 
> > Complicated, or is it just me over complicating things.
> Complicated kinda...
> if DISPLAY is set
>   if we can find an X browser
>     run it
in the background (with an & on the command line)?
>   else
>     if we can find an xterm/rxvt/whatever
>       if we can find a console browser
>         run the xterm with the console browser
in the background?
>       else
>         return an error
>       endif
>     endif
>   endif
> else
>   unset use_screen
>   if STY and WINDOW are set
>     set use_screen to '/usr/bin/screen ' or something
>   endif
>   if we can find a console browser
>     run it (preceeded by the value of use_screen)
if it is run by screen it is kind of background automatically, if not have it
in the foreground.
>   else
>     return an error
>   endif
> endif

sensible-editor and sensible-pager always runs both in the foreground, but
then they are a bit different.

Agian, am I just making things overly complex?

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