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Re: sensible-browser script ?

On Fri, 30 Apr, 1999, Gus wrote:
> can we add a sensible-browser script ? (that honours BROWSER env
> variable, or something)
> at present, there are several places where browsers are guessed, eg:
> dhelp and urlview. it seems that centralising this would be a better
> solution
> (my motivation is that urlview (for mutt) hasn't been able to find
> netscape since the move to the navigator-smotif style netscape packaging)

This would be useful for one of my packages xfig. The only problem is that as
an X program it can't just run sensible-browser and be done with it.
sensible-browser can either run, lynx or netscape, if it wants lynx it must
run an xterm, and run lynx inside that. But, if it netscape, we do not want an
xterm. And if it is not being run from an X11 program, say from urlview in an
xterm, it does not want to lanuch an extra xterm for lynx.

Complicated, or is it just me over complicating things.

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