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Re: IPv6 patches for debian, a work in progress

On Mon, May 03, 1999 at 10:15:41PM -0400, Steve Dunham wrote:
> Michel Onstein <michel@promera.nl> writes:
> > as i stated before i'm porting some debian packages to include IPv6
> > support now that glibc2.1 has arrived. I've found some other people (well
> > actualy one) wanting to work with me on this.
> Has anybody done a radvd package yet?

http://www.debian.org/~ajt/ipv6/ has a *really* preliminary package of
radvd. It's completely untested, probably buggy, but at least it compiles
under glibc2.1.

Source and binaries are there, and if someone wants to take this over
they're more than welcome.

That url is apt-able, btw, but I'm completely at a loss to remember what
the exact line for /etc/apt/sources.list is.

Copies of Michel's packages are at that url too, fwiw. They may well be
out of date by now, though. (Hey, it's been a day)


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