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Re: intent of package seti@home

On Fri, Apr 23, 1999 at 03:19:54PM +0200, Andrea Fanfani wrote:
> no i think that the best mode to run this daemon is from command 
> line (in this way you can run many process)

I tried this since, being a member of the Planetary Society, I couldn't
wait for your package.  However, I ran into some problems.

Running kernel 2.0.35 with glibc2.1 on potato, which seemed to work
fine for everything else, I started getting kernel oops and core dumps
all over the place.  I tried both the gnulibc2 and static versions and
the both had this problem.  After a reboot (there were a half a dozen
before I sorted this out, at least two locked up the machine tight)
things were stable again until I launched the setiathome client (as an
unprivileged user) then the problems started again.

Rather than trying to debug an old kernel, I upgraded to kernel 2.2.5 the
night before last and the problems seemed to have stopped.  This may need
kernel 2.2.x for some reason (maybe not because they built it that way
but due to some horribly nasty bug that the old kernels can't cope with).
BTW, the oops were in memory management, one for example was "Unable to
handle kernel paging request".

Please consider testing on 2.0.x kernels to see if it will run OK for
others (in case it's just me :) ) or indicating in the LSM description
that it may need a 2.2.x kernel.

Anyone else thinking of running this: you've been warned! :-)

Addendum: checking the messages file, I'm still getting Oops, but at
least the machine's not crashing.  This may be unrelated though since
I'm running dselect and gzip's barfing on libc6-pic which is broken.
I need to file a bug against libc6-pic.


Steve Bowman <sbowman@goodnet.com><bowmanc@acm.org>
Buckeye, AZ

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