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Re: Development machines (was KDE debs)

Previously Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Lets try once more :>

And yet another try :)

> Machines owned & managed by Debian:
master           i386  stable       All
va               i386  stable       All
faure            alpha stable       All
kubrick          sparc stable       All
albert           alpha hamm         Ask debian-admin..
pandora          i386  stable       All
saens            i386  stable       debian-admin
samosa           i386  stable       debian-admin
murphy           i386  hamm         debian-admin
powerpc          ppc   unstable(?)  Ask joey@debian.org
m68k             m68k  unstable(?)  Ask joey@debian.org or james@nocrew.org
                                    (currently down due to disk crash)
> Other machines
alpha.debian.nl        alpha       unstable   Ask debian@cistron.nl
xia01.kachinatech.com  ultrasparc  unstable   Ask wdeng@kachinatech.com
xia02.kachinatech.com  sparc       stable     Ask wdeng@kachinatech.com
xia03.kachinatech.com  ultrasparc  stable     Ask wdeng@kachinatech.com

Currently powerpc, m68k and xia02 run autobuilders. xia01 will get one
in the near future as well.

These are permanent machines; there are a couple of other machines out
there on which you can get accounts if you need them for some strange
reason (mostly personal machines). For those just submit a request to
debian-devel to see if someone responds.


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