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Re: Development machines (was KDE debs)

On May 02, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> On Mon, 3 May 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > That list is quite incorrect actually. Lets try again:
> > 
> > Machines owned & managed by Debian:
> >   master   i386    stable         (everyone automatically)
> >   va       i386    stable         (everyone automatically)
> >   faure    alpha   unstable       (everyone automatically)
> >   kubrick  sparc   unstable       (everyone automatically)
> >   powerpc  powerpc unstable       joey@debian.org 
> Lets try once more :>
> master  i386  stable       All
> va      i386  stable       All
> faure   alpha stable       All
> kubrick sparc stable       All
> albert  alpha hamm         Ask debian-admin..
> pandora i386  stable       All
> saens   i386  stable       debian-admin
> samosa  i386  stable       debian-admin
> murphy  i386  hamm         debian-admin
> The dist each machine runs is subject to change of course, the latter
> three are not general access machines.
> There is a wack of other machines that are not directly controlled by
> debian-admin that people can get accounts on, wichert's list is reasonably
> complete but I understand there may even be a few more.

m68k.debian.org (alias kullervo.infodrom.north.de) runs a build daemon
(meaning if you upload it to master, it will get compiled if you
packaged it right ;-), but access can be arranged with James Troup
and/or Martin Schulze.  But kullervo's down at the moment... disk failure.

I can provide intermittent access to an m68k (68060 @ 50mhz) machine
running potato.  You'll have to go through my "router" (i486 box) and
it's not currently 24/7.  24/7 may come in July or August, if I can
find someone locally who won't charge me an arm and a leg for a
permanent 33.6 (maybe ISDN) PPP connection.

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