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Re: Development machines (was KDE debs)

Previously Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> xia0     sparc (slink)
> xia1     sparc (slink)
> xia2     sparc (ultralinux)
> kubrick  sparc (potato) (if I remember right)
> master   i386  (slink?)

That list is quite incorrect actually. Lets try again:

Machines owned & managed by Debian:
  master   i386    stable         (everyone automatically)
  va       i386    stable         (everyone automatically)
  faure    alpha   unstable       (everyone automatically)
  kubrick  sparc   unstable       (everyone automatically)
  powerpc  powerpc unstable       joey@debian.org 

Other machines for which debian developers can get accounts on request:
  alpha.debian.nl          alpha       unstable(?)    debian@cistron.nl
  xia01.kachinatech.com    ultrasparc  unstable    
  xia02.kachinatech.com    sparc       unstable
  xia03.kachinatech.com    ultrasparc  stable         wdeng@kachinatech.com

where the last column is the email-address at which you can request an
account. (You can ask Ward Deng for accounts on xia01 and xia02 as well,
but they're busy with autocompiling mostly anyway so you'll probably
want to use xia03 instead.)


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