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Re: PGP Key Signing HOWTO: preparation for Linux Expo

Jonathan Walther <krooger@debian.org> writes:

> On 1 May 1999, James Troup wrote:
> > \bitch{Besides, given the attitude of certain Debian developers
> > towards keyring signing, I don't much trust a cross-signing unless I
> > know the signators.}
> Not referring to me are you? 

Actually, I wasn't.  But since you're bitching at me, I think it's
only fair to mention that you are someone me and Igor had an
intense... discussion with on IRC to convince you that knowing someone
on the net (and not having met them in real life, never mind exchanged
IDs) was *not* sufficient to sign the key.

> Now my key STILL isn't in the public ring.

Correction.  Your key is in the keyring and you managed to lose it.
You then proceeded to bug me senseless for about two days about a new
key (though it took a while before you explained that minor detail),
because you've finally got round to uploading a package how many
months after applying to be a developer?  6?

I will add your key when I have time.  Bitching at me in public is, I
assure you, not going to make me hurry up any. 

[And no, it doesn't take 15 seconds, because you forgot the minor
detail of uploading a 500k file over a modem to a site which I may or
may not have good connections to in the US.]


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