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Re: Source build of gnome-apt - source dependencies?

Havoc Pennington wrote:
  >> There doesn't seem to be a gnome-libs package; what packages do I need to
  >> install?
  >I'm assuming you know about the Gnome staging area? 

Yes, thanks.

  >You will also need fairly new autoconf, automake, libtool from potato.
Tracking potato daily, using gnome-apt smart mark upgrade. 

  >If you can't get it to build please send me mail, I'm happy to help.
It built OK.  The trouble is, it now segfaults even sooner than it did
before.  The developers' version segfaults as soon as it has finished
fetching packages; my version segfaults as soon as I ask it to fetch
packages.  The segfault is in some standard library (no symbols available).

The upstream version has been broken for me for several weeks, but I don't
know what broke it - that's why I was trying to build it for myself.

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