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Re: Source build of gnome-apt - source dependencies?

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Oliver Elphick wrote:
> Tracking potato daily, using gnome-apt smart mark upgrade. 

I'm glad someone is using it!

> It built OK.  The trouble is, it now segfaults even sooner than it did
> before.  The developers' version segfaults as soon as it has finished
> fetching packages; my version segfaults as soon as I ask it to fetch
> packages.  The segfault is in some standard library (no symbols available).
> The upstream version has been broken for me for several weeks, but I don't
> know what broke it - that's why I was trying to build it for myself.

Ouch. Well, (unfortunately) nothing has changed about gnome-apt in the
last few weeks. So the problem must be some change in one of the

If you have symbols for at least the gnome-apt or libapt-pkg portion of
the backtrace, that might help track it down. Send the trace along if you
have it. If you can figure it out and send a fix, that would be very much
appreciated too.

I should be able to return to hacking gnome-apt in only a few more weeks,
then some of this code rot will get turned around. 


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