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Re: Intent to package oskit

Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:

> Cool, now we can release a Debian GNU/Emacs OS...

Yeah, but make that a Debian GNU/XEmacs OS, rip out the Emacs Lisp and 
replace it with a real Common Lisp (with an ELisp compatibility layer
of course), and suddenly we are that much closer to getting a Lisp
Machine again ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist (a person's got to dream ;)...

Regs, Pierre.

Pierre Mai <pmai@acm.org>               http://home.pages.de/~trillian/
  "One smaller motivation which, in part, stems from altruism is Microsoft-
   bashing." [Microsoft memo, see http://www.opensource.org/halloween1.html]

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