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Re: using GnuPG to sign packages?

On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 03:33:29PM -0500, planders@mail.utexas.edu wrote:
> debian.org has only rarely if ever got me anywhere.  And I only
> recently subscribed to debian-devel.)
Speaking of which, I think debian-devel-mentors is the proper place for this
sort of thing; ccing and reply-toing there.  Note that everything is AFAIK;
I'm in the same place as you, which is to say
debian-about-to-send-in-developer-app <G>.

> What's a good way to go about geting my key signed by someone else
> (especially someone affiliated with Debian?)  Just kinda get to know
> some people?
The first time I read developers-reference, I thought I would have the same
problem (especially as I live in the middle of nowhere), but on re-reading,
you need to have a well-signed key OR mail (snail- or e-) an offical ID.
Some comments somwhere-or-another seem to indicate to me that in the later
case, they will call you to confirm your number, and sign your key if
everything checks out.  Can sombody who actually knows confirm this paragraph?

> [1] This is both for packages for my own internal use[2] and I am
> thinking about packaging some other software for the project,
> including a MGE brand UPS power daemon and GnomeICU, an ICQ clone.
> Neither of which I wrote, but I am developing my own software[3] that
> could be packaged when released.
You can package things for your own internal use without being a
debian-developer easily enough.
GnomeICU is already packaged (in the staging area, for the time being:
aptline: deb http://www.debian.org/~jules/gnome-stage-2 unstable main
for potato.  You are running potato, aren't you?  (De facto standard for
developers seems to be running unstable, since packages in development are
unstable by definition, and packaging for a dist that you aren't running is
both silly and difficult.)  (If you didn't know about the staging area,
consider reading more debian-devel before you commit to maintainership of a
package[3].  Also, if you're a GTK/GNOME person, you ought to subscribe to
debian-gtk-gnome; most of it's volume should vanish soon, when the staging
area is copied over.  /me knocks wood[2].)
Also, I'd consider packaging before releasing, and uploading prereleases
commonly.  It's the bazzar[1] thing to do.

> [4] ObExcessiveFootnoting: "Bread!  Apples!  Very small rocks!  Great
> Gravy! Cider!  Lead!  Mud!  Churches!  A Duck!  Oooooh..."
Yummm...  Sounds like stone soup, Russian-roulette style.  That, or a
discordian game of sink.

[1] And bazare.  Two great tastes that go great together.
[2] Good thing I'm not at the office -- I wouldn't be able to find any.
[3] Speaking of which: James, you need to remember to post a rescind of
intent-to-package for gaspell.
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