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for several reasons I packaged libpng-1.0.3, which is the latest libpng
version.  I had problems with 1.0.2b which is in potato.  Should I
do an NMU?  Hey Philippe, do you want to obtain my files.
To be exact the problem was not libpng-1.0.2b but my code and 
leaving 1.0.2b in potato is OK.  Just to offer some help ...

Moreover I added some autoconf/automake stuff to a previous
libpng version (1.00 or 1.0.1) to compile it on HP-UX.  I sended
it to the libpng authors and mailing list.  Unfortunately both
mails where ignored since several month :-(.

Do you want to include the stuff into the Debian package.  May
be the authors wake up?

Kind regards


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