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Re: RFC: YADA: Yet Another Debianisation Aid

On 28/04, Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:

| No, feature :)
| From yada.txt:
|   Lines starting with two full stops after the initial space will have one
|   of them stripped before being processed, but will never end up blank.
|   Lines starting with a space, then a full stop, then a character other
|   than a full stop are reserved for future expansion (at present, the full
|   stop is simply stripped off).
| And later, there's an example:
|   Source: libxyz
|   [...]
|   Build: sh
|    ../configure --prefix=/usr
|    make
|   Clean: sh
|    make distclean

That's really ugly, since it really looks like a shell notation for the
parent directory. Why not define that:

 .          => empty line
 ..         => line with only '.' on it
 .something => .something

This looks much more intuitive to me.

| I've just realised that the "clean" rule should say something like this
| instead, so that it doesn't bomb out on an already-clean directory:
|   Clean: sh
|    test ! -e Makefile || make distclean

That's more complicated, as some sub-Makefiles can be absent too while the
toplevel one is present. It would make sense to define that lines beginning
with "-" in build, clean, install or whatever target will not stop everything
it there is an error.

|  - You don't need to create directories before you install files, if
|    you use "yada install".  "yada install" should create all necessary
|    directories as needed.

Sometimes, it is just not convenient to use yada install (when complicated
things are done from within the Makefile for the install target). There
really should be a way to create directories, or we will end up with
lots of "mkdir -p $ROOT/something".

|  - I don't claim that YADA is actually suitable for general use, yet.
|    I've used it for some of my packages, but then, I know all (well,
|    most of) its quirks.  If you use it, please check over the install
|    image in debian/tmp-* before uploading.

You should make it a package, so that it will be easier to report bugs
against it.

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