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Re: Linux-again

Zouhua Ding <ding@gvntech.com> writes:
> Hi, Bob,
> This is Zouhua Ding again. 
> Following the install instruction, I just finished installation of Linux
> to my PC(win95), but I  have problem to do upgrade, also I can not ftp.
> Seems I did not configure network right.
> I already set 
> ip:
> mask:
> gateway: 209.4.20..254
> dns:
> for network connection, I picked eth0.
> I dont know where I could make mistakes. Do you have any advices for me?
> Thanks.
> Zouhua Ding

     Since I don't know much about network configuration, I am
forwarding this to the debian-user mailing list.

     Please cc Zouhua Ding <ding@gvntech.com> with any rsponses, and
not to me.

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