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Re: ift updates

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Justin Maurer wrote:

> 2) lothar
> 	if you don't know what it is, see today's bit on slashdot. should i 
> 	work on packaging it? i am probably going to end up coding part of it, 
> 	so i figure i can kill two birds with a stone and a half here ;)

 I looked into its source code yesterday. It's really ugly; there are a
lot of 'system("fooconfig&")' things and other bad hacks everywhere. It
may be an interesting programming project for its author, but I'd be very
reluctant to see that code included in Debian.

 If you really want to work on a similar project, I'd advise to start from
scratch: that wouldn't be too long, since lothar contains only 20k of C
code currently.

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