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ift updates

ok, a friend and i are trying to incorporate a non-profit corp. to work on 
free software, called IFT Systems (http://acf.staticky.com/). soon, i will 
have more people working with me on the projects i'm discussing below.

1) parisc stuff
	we are going with parisc over hppa. i have binutils packaged, and am 
	about to move the .deb to the proper place on the server in a minute. 
	if people could check out the .deb on ftp://puffin.external.hp.com/, 
	i'd be very grateful (it is a cross-compiling binutils).

2) lothar
	if you don't know what it is, see today's bit on slashdot. should i 
	work on packaging it? i am probably going to end up coding part of it, 
	so i figure i can kill two birds with a stone and a half here ;)

3) gnome mailer
	i started hacking a small pop3 library in the hopes that ift could work 
	on a gnome mailer. i don't know how far this will go.

thoughts? flames? ;)

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