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Re: Caldera installation - something Debian should learn

"Zephaniah E. Hull" <warp@whitestar.soark.net> writes:

   > No, that doesn't work right.  The only way it does work is if you use the
   > new raw setting, in which case X would still have to be configured or
   > read gpm's config.

   Errrm, it works fine for /ME/..

The last time I checked the source, gpm didn't understand the extra
``buttons'' on many mice, i.e., the roller on a Microsoft
Intellimouse.  Until gpm is patched to understand such things, I don't
think it will be of too much interest to those with such mice, which
is a growing segment of the mouse-owning public :-)

   And it will probably become the default if I adopt the gpm package,
   though there is one other person interested in it, so he may get the
   package in the end..
"While the Melissa license is a bit unclear, Melissa aggressively
 encourages free distribution of its source code."
--Kevin Dalley <kevin@seti.org>

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