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Packages up for adoption

So, I have some packages that I personally don't use much, and that I
wouldn't mind giving away. 


An irc client done with GTK.  I added some hooks for Tcl scripting in
it, but the upstream author seems to have disappeared.  If someone is
good at C and Tcl, they could probably have some fun with this one.
Alpha quality software - fair amount of bugs in the code itself.


A neat little ftp program for transfering files between computers.
Pretty easy to maintain...  One or two bugs open, I think they can be


A program for translating M$ word files to various formats, such as
Tex and ascii text.  I haven't had much use for this as of late, so if
someone wants it, they can have it.  Few bugs.

I just uploaded new versions of pftp and bezerk to unstable.  I can't
get through to the home page of word2x, so I don't know what the
upstream status is...

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