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Re: Security [was: not using debian as firewall!]

Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 15, 1999 at 10:29:21AM +0100, Matt Kern wrote:
> > I've been using Debian for about one and a half years now, and was
> > recently surprised to hear that Debian had a bad reputation as far as
> > security matters went.  I don't know if this reputation was deserved or
> > how much Debian has improved since then.  One of the examples that the
> > person that told me this came up with was something to do with the X
> > wrapper program.  It was all news to me;  I thought that a system like
> > Debian's corrected problems (especially security related items) very
> > quickly, certainly much quicker than you would ever get a fix out of
> > Microsoft...
> Don't believe everything you hear.  A potential vulnerability in our X
> server wrapper was brought to my attention about the time I took over
> maintainership, and it was fixed about a year ago; maybe a little more,
> Neither hamm nor slink shipped with that vulnerability.  I think it likely
> that your friend is just confused.

And it's worth noting that debian's X wrapper is a nice security _feature_,
that has made debian's X not be vunerable to many security holes over the
years that normal X had.

see shy jo

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