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Re: not using debian as firewall!

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Martin Held wrote:

> On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Pall Magnusson wrote:
> > hey...someone told me a while ago, that you shouldn't use Debian for a
> > firewall?...why is that?..or is that just crap? :)

Sounds like one of the many people that has a grudge against GNU/Linux and
Debian on the principle that it is free and can't be as good as all those
really expensive boxes you can buy to do basically the same job.

> Pure crap, IMHO.  I've set up 2 firewalls and IP Masquerading boxes
> myslef, and I have seen many others.  I'm sitting behind one of them right
> now. I've found Debian to be better than any of the other distros for a
> firewall.  (Of course, I'm really not a RedHat guy myself.) 

I don't think Debian is any better for firewalling per se, however I know
I would prefer to install it on the grounds that it is easy to use and
maintain and if there prove to be bugs in any of the networking daemons
running on the firewall they will probably be fixed soon and upgraded the
next time I do a routine system check.


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