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Re: PROPSAL: making xaw-wrappers not divert

Christoph Martin wrote:
> I would do some changes on my packages, if we find a reasonable
> solution. I do not like the idea of depending on
> 'xaw-wrappers'. People complained when I introduced a dependency on
> 'ed', and I can understand the point of people, who want to install
> a minimum set of packages und would not understand why to install the
> xaw-wrappers. 

xaw-wrappers is only 43k.

> Each package providing a binary which should be xaw-wrapped should
> place a config file in /usr/lib/xaw-wrappers/conf/ with just the
> binary filenames in it. 

You've just described the current system. I don't like it because it
requires the use of dpkg-divert which leads to compilcated bugs, as I said.

see shy jo

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