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Re: PROPSAL: making xaw-wrappers not divert

Joey Hess writes:
 > Christoph Martin wrote:
 > > I would do some changes on my packages, if we find a reasonable
 > > solution. I do not like the idea of depending on
 > > 'xaw-wrappers'. People complained when I introduced a dependency on
 > > 'ed', and I can understand the point of people, who want to install
 > > a minimum set of packages und would not understand why to install the
 > > xaw-wrappers. 
 > xaw-wrappers is only 43k.
 > > Each package providing a binary which should be xaw-wrapped should
 > > place a config file in /usr/lib/xaw-wrappers/conf/ with just the
 > > binary filenames in it. 
 > [...]
 > You've just described the current system. I don't like it because it
 > requires the use of dpkg-divert which leads to compilcated bugs, as I said.

Not exactly. In the current system only xaw-wrappers has the
responsibility to divert the files and keep track of them. In my
proposal, the individual packages have to supply the conf files and
have to call the register and unregister scripts on install and
deinstall. xaw wrappers has only to supply the scripts and call them
on  xaw-wrappers install and deinstall. 

In the current system it could happend that a package moves a binary
(as it happened with xdvi) and so brake it unaware that xaw-wrappers
is installed. With my proposal, tetex-bin would call
xaw-rwappers-unregister in postrm and xaw-wrappers-register in
postinst. So there would be everything fine.


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