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Re: PROPSAL: making xaw-wrappers not divert

Joey Hess writes:
 > xdvi.bin
 > oxdvi.bin
 > What I propose to do is change xaw-wrappers so it no longer diverts files.
 > If a file needs to be wrapped with xaw-wrappers, the package that it is in
 > will be responsible for moving the file to "filename.real", and making
 > "filename" be a symlink to /usr/lib/xaw-wrappers/wrapper, and placing an
 > xaw-wrappers control file in /usr/lib/xaw-wrappers/conf/. 
 > The package will also have to depend on xaw-wrappers. (I'm sure that will be
 > the controversial bit, if anything. :-)

I would do some changes on my packages, if we find a reasonable
solution. I do not like the idea of depending on
'xaw-wrappers'. People complained when I introduced a dependency on
'ed', and I can understand the point of people, who want to install
a minimum set of packages und would not understand why to install the

My idea is to use a scheme like menu system which does the trick to
update all the different menus.

Each package providing a binary which should be xaw-wrapped should
place a config file in /usr/lib/xaw-wrappers/conf/ with just the
binary filenames in it. 

xaw-wrappers should provide a script /usr/sbin/xaw-wrappers-register
which does the move of the binaries to filename.real and installs the
link. It also does the removal. 

xaw-wrappers calls this script for all the files in
/usr/lib/xaw-wrappers/conf/ on installation and deinstallation.

The individual packages call the script if it exists in their
installation and deinstalltion scripts for their binaries.

This way the mechanism would work and it would not be neccessary to
depend on xaw-wrappers.


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