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Re: Packages to give away

On Sun, 11 Apr, 1999, Jonathan P Tomer wrote:
> > file-rc, needs a bash wizard, entirely written in bash
> i would like to and can do this, but as gpg has not been adopted for debian
                                          ^^^ you do not like pgp?

> signatures yet, i am not a developer. to this end, if nobody else would like
> to take the package but someone would be willing to act as a proxy for me, i
> will happily maintain the package through that person, until i become a
> developer.
> --phouchg
> "For a price I'd do about anything, except pull the trigger: for that I'd
> need a pretty good cause" -- Queensryche, "Revolution Calling"
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  ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ so what is this then                                ^^^^^^

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