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Re: Packages to give away

the king of one-liners <edward@debian.org> wrote:

>                                           ^^^ you do not like pgp?

i am not completely opposed to pgp, though i refuse to use an rsa key, which
debian still requires; and debian is not likely to switch to dss keys before
switching to gpg (which is supposed to happen some time soon).

>   ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ so what is this then                                ^^^^^^

i use pgp 5 because at this point it is better software than gpg; eventually
gpg will improve and i will use it instead. meanwhile, my pgp5 key is usable
by gpg users, which is also important. i absolutely will not use an rsa key
now that patent-free methods are available and i find it kind of hypocrytical
that debian still requires rsa keys even though pgp5 and dss/dh keys are as
available as pgp 2.6. i don't think it would be very difficult to merely
require new developers to have a diffie-hellman key instead of an rsa key and
encourage all old developers to switch by sending in a dss/dh key signed with
their old rsa key.

"For a price I'd do about anything, except pull the trigger: for that I'd
need a pretty good cause" -- Queensryche, "Revolution Calling"
PGP 5.0 key (0xE024447449) at http://cif.rochester.edu/~phouchg/pgpkey.txt

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