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Re: new list and personal fights on debian


On Wed, Apr 07, 1999 at 09:56:28AM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> anonymous mail has a valid place in any public forum.

I beg to differ. I expect different behaviour on different public forums. 
> one of the reasons i gave up on slashdot was that slashdot refers to
> people who prefer anonymity as "cowards". that sucks. there are many
> perfectly legitimate reasons for anonymity that have nothing to do with
> cowardice.

Slashdot is quite different from the Debian mailing lists. First, I register
to get the Debian list, and I get everything. On slashdot, I can read what I
want and leave other stuff out. For example, I can ignore all comments or
whole stories.

Debian, especially debian-devel, is a public forum to discuss debian related
issues. I can't imagine why someone needs to post anonymously here, except
he has something to tell that doesn't belong on this list. (The existing
examples support me in this opinion)

Furthermore, I can't take it privately. It is only increasing traffic with
no value, only noise, no signal. For me, posting anonymously to the Debian
list is like posting not at all, except that it is wasting my bandwidth I
have to pay for (and everyone else).

That's my opinion.

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