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Virtual package question

I'm trying to build debian package for Tkpaint (program, simular to
xfig, but written on Tcl/Tk) and encounter following problem:

tkpaint need postscript viewer to operate.
There can be different postscript viewers in Debian system.
When installing tkpaint using ./configure ;make install problem
is handled automagically by configure - it searches for gv, then, if
not found, for ghostview.

I want same thing for installation from deb. Make it depend from
virtual package "postscript-viewer", then in postinst script somehow
find out which postscript viewer we have installed and put its into
tkpaint's source (luckily, no binary here). 

The question is:

How to find out which actual package provides given virtual package
and how to find name of executable knowing package name (I can easily
expect that there would be kghostview or gnome-ghostview in future
Debian versions, so I don't want to maintain list of all postscript
viewers in my package).
Victor Wagner			vitus@ice.ru
Programmer			Office:7-(095)-964-0380
Institute for Commerce 		Home: 7-(095)-135-46-61
Engineering                     http://www.ice.ru/~vitus

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