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Re: Making the Info system FHS-compliant

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Jonathan P Tomer wrote:

> > If there are not many of them, maybe we should backport fixed versions of
> > them into stable, so that we can complete the Info transition to FHS in
> > potato (if we actually agree that we should not go any further until there
> > are no packages using the --infodir option, I mean).
> ok, just to add the element of controversial ugly hack to the discussion ;),
> i shall propose an ugly hack. please note that i don't consider it a good
> idea before flaming me.
> if we really think --infodir is evil, we could make the potato dpkg
> pre-depend on a new version of install-info which ignores --infodir, so that
> we wouldn't need to delay fhs compliance until woody

An interesting idea.

The good thing is that install-info is really part of the dpkg package, so
this would be just a matter of making potato's install-info to ignore
the --infodir option.

Another solution would be to make dpkg (which contains install-info)
to conflict with all packages in slink using --infodir. This way, no
backporting of fixed packages would be needed.

In either case, I would like very much to know what does the dpkg
maintainer think about this.



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