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Re: Suggestion for change to debian package format

Quoting Edward Betts <edward@hairnet.demon.co.uk>:

> On Mon, 29 Mar, 1999, Brian E. Ermovick wrote:
> > Actually, what I usually do, about once a month (mebbe 2-3 if I'm lazy),
> > I load up dselect, and set everything to be purged, then (before actually
> > starting the purge!) I go and re-select everything I want to keep -- and
> > of course dselect loads the deps for that, then I purge -- and yes, I've
> > purged nearly 100 packages at one time doing that -- but it *DOES* take
> > a good  hour, typically, but it's worth it when I free up 35M :)
> Arn't you liable to miss something? I removed the headers for libjpeg and
> xpm
> the other day thinking I would not need them. When I tried to compile xfig
> (which I maintain) it bombed out. I have since reinstalled said packages.

After my initial proposal (on a different thread, however) for an 
unhold state who removes marked packages on a dpkg --remove --pending,
I think the idea of a single script who does something like this:

$ dpkg-remove-all foobar
$ Removing foobar...
$ foobar depends on barfoo. barfoo has no more packages who depends on it.
$ Do you want to remove barfoo? Y
$ Removing barfoo.

[sorry, I'm lacking some writing skill to make a better explanation]

I think I could get something like this to be done this weekend.

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