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New package cgraph (libcgraph2, libcgraph2-dev)


I finally did manage to put everything working in this library.
It's working under Linux now, and it's also debianised (That's what we're here
for, non? :-) ).
As my application hasn't been processed yet, everybody wanting to give it a
try can get it from:


Here is a sample from the README file:

Cgraph: PostScript plotting library in C [version 2.04, 1998-08-29]

This is a C source code library that contains a set of C functions
that generate PostScript for publication quality scientific plots.
If you have a PostScript previewer, it is possible to launch the
viewer automatically on generated PS/EPS files.

Keep those bugs reports comming... :-)
Pedro Guerreiro (aka digito)    (pguerreiro@bigfoot.com)
Diplomacy: the art of letting someone have your own way.

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