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Re: make anacron a base package

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On 31 Mar 1999 14:30:58 -0600, John Goerzen wrote:

>> Here are some facts:

>Perhaps you could get some relevant ones next time?

    I saw them as relevant.
>> Exim is a drop-in replacement for sendmail.

>So exim understands and will use my sendmail.mc, sendmail.cf,
>mailertable, virtusertable, etc. files?  That would be a neat trick,
>especially since there are several things in those files that I use
>which Exim doesn't support.

    Drop in replacement as in you can symlink exim to sendmail and none of
the other programs would know the difference.

>> This is on the same machine:
>> $ grep ^[^#] sendmail.cf | wc -l
>>     384
>> $ grep ^[^#] exim.conf | wc -l
>>      71

>And the relevance of this is....?

>First of all, this is an invalid comparison because some could have
>comments, others not.

    Gee, that is why he had grep not count lines that started with #..  IE,

>Secondly, few people edit their .cf files directly anymore.  I for one have
>never had to, despite very strange mail configurations.

    Not edit your configuration?  Then how, oh how, do you configure it?
Oh, wait, you're admitting that the Sendmail configuration is so esoteric
that you are forced to use a macro language just to get anything done.

>And these reasons are?

    You don't need a macro language just to attempt (stressed, ATTEMPT) to
configure it to even work in the most basic of settings?

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