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Re: make anacron a base package

Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

> Here are some facts:

Perhaps you could get some relevant ones next time?

> Exim is a drop-in replacement for sendmail.

So exim understands and will use my sendmail.mc, sendmail.cf,
mailertable, virtusertable, etc. files?  That would be a neat trick,
especially since there are several things in those files that I use
which Exim doesn't support.

> This is on the same machine:
> $ grep ^[^#] sendmail.cf | wc -l
>     384
> $ grep ^[^#] exim.conf | wc -l
>      71

And the relevance of this is....?

First of all, this is an invalid comparison because some could have
comments, others not.  Secondly, few people edit their .cf files
directly anymore.  I for one have never had to, despite very strange
mail configurations.

> This is in /usr/doc/sendmail:
> $ zcat changelog.Debian.gz | grep 'urgency=high' | wc -l
>      19

And again, what does this show?  Sendmail has been around a LOT longer 
than exim.  a LOT.  Furthermore, high-urgency things can be introduced 
by packaging issues, etc.  Not only that, but the sendmail 8.9 series
seems really good on security.

> Read: http://pobox.com/~djb/docs/maildisasters/sendmail.html .

DJB has a lot of ideas about mail software that are rather, uhm,
strange to say the least.  I have heard that his latest qmail violates 
the SMTP RFC in an attempt to be excessively picky about a few things, 
althouh I haven't verified this.

> And here's MHO: exim's config file is more readable (plus the wonderful
> info documentation and nice comments inside the file generated by eximconfig)

And what about sendmail.mc?  Is it really that hard to read?  Really
now, it's pretty easy.  And there's the great sendmailconfig, too.

> Sendmail may be better, but there are very important reasons why it
> is not the default one for new users, for a long time (since bo?).

And these reasons are?

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