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Re: make anacron a base package

> Adrian (worried about anacron becoming standard)

you don't *have* to use it just cause it's standard. i'm not using nvi or ae
(because i don't need them, and it's easier than messing with the
alternatives to make vim my vi of choice... i'm so lazy ;) or kbd (because
the low-priority console-tools is better) or exim (because sendmail is
cooler, imho... btw, why isn't it the default mailer for debian?  deviating
from de facto standards without a good reason isn't really wise... and none
of that 'easier to configure' stuff either. sendmail.mc is -far- shorter
than exim.conf or whatever it's called, and that's all that needs to be
toyed with 90% of the time, due to the glories of m4 and the hard work of
sendmail maintainers).

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