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Re: Wish for including HTML validator into Debian

***** MB => Marcus Brinkmann


MB> Yes, mainly that HTML is just a SGML DTD. SP can validate any documents for

MB> However, plain SP is very strict and anal about everything (try to validate
MB> www.netscape.org and www.microsoft.org, even with the HTML 4.0 transit DTD).
MB> It's not what a normal end user would like to use (although they should!).

SP is not `strict and anal', it's really the other way round!

If one doesn't want to support just Mozilla and IE, the right DTD
should be closely followed, and if one must use 4.0 she'd better use
the Transitional flavor.

I really think a normal end user should check her HTML documents
against the chosen DTD.


Davide G. M. Salvetti -- IW5DZC

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