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Re: Intent to package xmemos

Darren Benham wrote:

> > > XWatch should not be in there.  It is possible for things to slip by...
> > 
> > I maintain XWatch.  `XWatch should not be in there' is your
> > opinion only. XWatch is using the GPL just as Lyx is. XWatch was
> > written from the beginning to run on libforms.  Since this thread
> > has resulted in an _important_ bug against xwatch and none
> > against Lyx, I don't see why what's okay for Lyx isn't okay for
> > other smaller and less important packages.
> The most recent version of Lyx had a license change (I am told) for the
> very same reason.

No. The current version has had a _clarification_ added, but is
still very much GPLed (without additional clauses).  See the
Debian package or http://www.lyx.org/license.html

In any case, there's a bug reported againsr xwatch but none
against lyx.  See my point?

BTW, I'm happy to seek a license change, I just object to BTS
harassment and declaration like `XWatch should not be in there'.


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