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Re: Intent to package xmemos

"Darren O. Benham" <gecko@debian.org> writes:

> >   Copyright:
> > 
> >   LyX is free software, so you can freely copy and use it. But to protect
> >   the authors, who have put a substantial amount of free time in developing
> >   this product, you must follow some guidelines, in this case it's the
> >   "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" version 2 or any later version.
> > 
> > it makes no mention of special exemptions.
> > 
> > NOTE: this is not a call to remove lyx from the distribution.

> I don't know what to tell you.  It sounds like the ftpmasters and the
> -legal masters (not must camp followers like myself) need to sit down and
> hash out what is legal and not legal regarding this.  I'm pretty sure that
> *this* is the reason KDE was pulled, finially, and not everybody's moral
> objection to Qt.

No disagreement here.  I am as puzzled as you.

... time passes ...

On second thought, I suppose one could make an (admittedly weak)
argument that since LyX was always written with the intent to be
linked to xforms, that they implicitly gave permission to do so.  KDE
adopts code from lots of other authors that wrote code not intended to 
be linked with a non-free library.  But I am not really sure that this 
argument is strong enough to pass any significant stress test.

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