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Re: moving of dinstall's run time on master

Davide G. M. Salvetti wrote:
> ***** RB => Richard Braakman
> RB> The install run is an important point of the day for release management.

> RB> The best time for me would be midnight.  I'm at GMT+0200 as of today.
> There's something here that escapes me.  I don't know what sort of job
> is involved in installing new packages, but... couldn't you simply
> schedule what needs to be done with at?  That way you could work
> whenever you have time to, letting the real thing happen when the
> archive is ready for it.

No, the install run is when last-minute decisions are made :)
For archive maintenance, the important thing is that I can do the work
_before_ dinstall runs.  Dawn is no problem in that case, though doing
it just before the daily run is usually better because there are still
some pull mirrors.  But I was talking about release management.

Richard Braakman

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