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Roxen 1.4 (CVS version)

I've put a deb of the CVS version of Roxen Challenger (1.4) on papadoc
for download.  It's the latest and  the greatest! It's  a _LOT_ faster
than  1.2.46,  it  have  some  more modules.  The  package  is  called
'roxen-cvs' and can be found with (apt line):

	deb http://papadoc.solheim.se programs/

It can  (theoreticly) co-exists with  the ordinary roxen  package.  It
uses /etc/roxen-cvs, /var/log/roxen-cvs as conf/log directory, and the
init  script is  /etc/init.d/roxen-cvs. BEWARE  though, do  _NOT_ file
bugreports on the BTS for this  package, since it is not official (yet
?) and is more or less unsupported (even though I would very much like
comments/bugreports mailed directly to me).

To  make the two  package co-exists,  make sure  that the  ports don't
collide... :)

Some of  the 'new features' is  that the 'IP-Less  virtual hosting' is
now included in the Roxen core  (which should make it a lot faster and

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