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Re: moving of dinstall run time on master.

Adam Heath wrote:
> > Did you notice that you are offending the people who are doing
> > the ftpmasters job?  
> I am sorry if you took it that way, but that is not the way I intended.  And,
> this is the FIRST reply that I have gotten.  Where are the hordes of people
> who are offended by this?

You can't imagine that they ARE actually offended and not answering,
can you?

> The current time that dinstall is run, makes the mirror pulse happen during
> peak net hours locally.  Consider, for a moment, if the host of a system was
> charged based on the 95th percentile.  If there network bw usage goes over a
> certain limit, they get charged more.  It doesn't matter how much actual data
> is sent over the period of time.  It only matters what the peak rate is during
> that time.  Having the mirror pulse happen during peak net hours, might be ok
> for us, but our upstream would benefit from having it moved, and I see no
> reason why it must be run during the middle of the day.

This is out of question and absolutely not the point.  You're leaving
your territory and entering somebody else's territory WITHOUT politely
asking them to modify their job.

This is what I criticize - and some others. 

> > This is the ftpmasters job.  You don't have ANY right to change their
> > work (or their crontabs) as they are still around.  You should however
> > contact them and discuss the issue.
> I don't have a right?  They may own the work, but they don't own the

No, you haven't.  You should have asked them to change their cronjob.
It is not acceptable that somebody (a donor, one of debian-admin or
else) modifies jobs of somebody else just because he feels it would
be useful.

> machine(s)(master, teir one mirrors), nor do they pay for the bandwidth.
> There is no reason to have dinstall run during the day.

This is not the point!

> Moving dinstall's run time involves more than just the ftpmasters.  They do
> NOT run debian.  They work FOR debian, and FOR the developers.  Because of
> this, I decided to have broader distribution of this notice.

> ps: Let's not forget, how much is donated/loaned to debian.

This is not the point.

> pps: Some of this email is from me, and some of it is from novare.

This is also not the point!



PS: This entire mail is from me.

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