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An official Novare announcement


Given the recent discussions that have come out of Adam's dinstall
post I felt I should make some kind of statement. For future reference,
you will never see an official statement about Novare's donations to
Debian from anyone but me.

Both Adam Heath and Mark Garey are well placed and well informed so
their speculation on these subjects should be considered meaningful
but by no means an official statement by Novare, Inc. As to the
particular matter at hand, we are negotiating the further increase
of our bandwidth to a different provider that will provide multiple,
redundant T3s into several major backbones including Savvis, BBN and
Verio. This potential vendor change will have an impact on the way
we are billed for bandwidth.

The final outcome of these changes and its impact on our donated
assets is still under examinination. We are excited to be a part of
the Debian project and are happy that we can usefully contribute
both as a corporate donor and as individual developers.

Ean Schuessler                                 A guy running Linux
Novare International Inc.                  A company running Linux

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