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Re: Roxen 1.4 (CVS version)

On 29 Mar 1999, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

> I've put a deb of the CVS version of Roxen Challenger (1.4) on papadoc
> for download.  It's the latest and  the greatest! It's  a _LOT_ faster
> than  1.2.46,  it  have  some  more modules.  The  package  is  called
> 'roxen-cvs' and can be found with (apt line):

Can you tell me if this new Roxen does the following:
  1) Working http/1.1 keep-alive
    a) Support for keep-alive 404 errors
    b) Support for keep-alive IMS hits
  2) Correct file timestamp headers that are actually in UTC
  3) Working http/1.1 range: headers
I have been telling debian mirror admins to not use roxen for serving the
ftp archive because all previous versions had some combination of the
above wrong with them. APT makes use of all those features and the Roxen
people I talked with didn't seem to have any interest in adding them.


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