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Seeking Developers! (In the right place, I hope:)

Hi there folks. I'm in dire need of assistance at this point.

I've done the math. And my data center is going to go to absolute hell if
I don't get some help with something big soon.

Brief overview of what you probably will want to have[0]:

-Cisco AS5300 with 4PRI card and 2 maxed DDSP cards.[1]
-A familiarity with logging facilities in general.[3]
-A familiarity with Livingston or Cistron Radius.[4]
-A basic understanding of math/finances.[5]

What you NEED:

-An x86, sun4(m,u), or PowerPC (604 or 604e) machine.
-Debian 2.1 (slink) installed, NO silly potato stuff. ;)

What you get to DO!:

-Eliminate a single-OS-choice market. I have to be somewhat vague, but
 basically, the only solution we have is an NT one. All components (3
 *VERY* high processor usage ones) must be run on a SINGLE machine. It's
 NOT a multi-threaded application either. It's only x86 to boot. 
 For those of you looking to break into the area of Voice Over IP
 technology, this is your big shot. 

What you GET!:

-Worldwide recognition within months! ;)[6]
-Lots of MONEY! (Yeah, right. Just kidding. MAYBE down the road, tho.[7])
-A chance to play with some REALLY neat toys.
-FULL information on Cisco AS5300 CDR (Call Detail Record) retrieval and
 interpretation using Radius.

Now, for footnotes!

[0] NOT requirements. I can try to help, and I'm sure others will help.
[1] I can provide access to proxied Radius service off as many Cisco
    AS5300's as you want. Right on up to 300. Till we order more.
[2] Footnote Intentionally Not Used!
[3] Syslog/Radius is VERY *VERY* helpful.
[4] Hell, *ANY* Radius is VERY helpful! :)
[5] In short; billing records. Calculation and generation.
[6] NOT garaunteed. ;)
[7] I am serious. We MIGHT be able to employ you down the road, to do this
    full-time, if you want to. But I can't garauntee it, though. :(

Thanks for the time and patience. PLEASE email me at PJaenke@unicent.com
if you're interested, as that's my work address. Hope to hear from some of
you soon! :)

| Phillip R. Jaenke       | "Not all wisdom comes from without;  |
| Head of Unix Systems    |  much wisdom can only come from      |
| Unicent Telecom         |  within. Only you can teach yourself |
| prj@nls.net (RISCy@IRC) |  some of the most important  lessons |
+-------------------------+  of life." --Takes-Many-Roads,       |
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The Linux RS/6000 Project +--------------------------------------+
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