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Job Opening at a small (soon to be) Sunnyvale company

Rob had an interesting question.  We don't have any specific rules that I'm
aware of concerning job opening announcments.  Obviously, ones like of this
aren't too far off topic... maybe they should be on a place like -user but
many of the people who might be interested won't read -user.

Anyway, Rob asked Jason and I to forward this as Debian Developers and I
agreed.  I would like to find a consensus on how Debian Developers feel
about job offers like these. 

The SVLUG requires all job requests to be screened before allowing them to
be posted.. similar to what I've done here.

----- Forwarded message from Rob Walker <rob@varesearch.com> -----
FOR IMMEDIATE CAPTURE   -- Smart people needed

VA Research has two (count 'em, two.  For once in your life, you can
be second best and still win!) openings immediately in IS.  The
successful candidate will be able to work with a lot of weird people.
Rob Walker and Dan Bethe included.  (that part was just so's you all
don't say we didn't warn you six months from now!)  

Our needs are people who know linux (duh!), some Microsoft apps, have
the patience of a saint, is faster than a speeding bullet, can leap
tall buildings in a single bound, oh, wait, that was for the _other_
opening.  Well, they apply here, also.

Goodness, how much explanation of IS do I have to send to this crowd?
Let me tell you right out that it is not Linux Nerd-vana (those crazy,
crazy, MS Excel authors have yet to see the light), but we are working
on moving it in that direction.  If you were with us at VA, you could
help regular people who _just want to do their jobs_ see how much more
fun it can be when you don't reboot every day.  (also, how many of you 
have bosses who send out reminders to go to the SVLUG installfests?)

Please email your resumes to jobs@varesearch.com and tell Judy
^H^H^H^H^H The HR Department that you heard this from Rob Walker, on
this list.  Or don't.  No skin off my nose either way, just that then
Judy ^H^H^H^H^H The HR Department will know to put your resume on the
edge of the desk nearest the 'circular file'.  :-) Oh, and cc: me
(rob@varesearch.com) with your resume.  It will make me feel

Oh, experience?  Lots.  We need lots.  The more the merrier.  Look who
you are competing against!  But more importantly you gotta be smart.
Teaching you linux/windows/IS/networking is not a problem.  Teaching
you how to think is.

have fun,

----- End forwarded message -----

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