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moving of dinstall run time on master.

The current time that dinstall runs, 1:53pm CST(local), 7:53pm UTC, makes the
mirror pulse happen around 3:30pm(9:30) to 5:30(11:30).  This is during peak
network hours.  This is wrong, and this has to be changed.

I want to move the time that dinstall runs, and I was thinking about making it
run at midnite(12:00am, 6am UTC).  This would put the mirror pulse at 1:30am
(7:30) - 3:30(9:30).  

This email is not a discussion about whether to move dinstall's run time.  It
will happen no matter what.  This email is to discuss possible alternatives.

Did some initial discussion on irc(irc.debian.org(also irc.openprojects.net)
#debian).  Why can't we have dinstall run several times a day, and only have
the mirror pulse run once?  Can dinstall's parts be run separately like this?


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