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Who are we, and why are we here?

On Fri, Mar 26, 1999 at 11:52:50AM -0600, Merlin wrote:
God I hate myself bor being pat of the problem; but...

Maybe the first question realy is, 
Q1> who is Debian? 
Q2> who are Debian users?

A1> Mostly developers, NOT a for profit company, I like this part the alot.

A2> I realy Don't know, I know who I am; I am a admin for a company, I am not a developer yet, but I plan to be one.

Debian needs to make the developers happy first then it's users.

> First of all, this is not a flame.
> Second, we should make Debian as easy to use as possible, without
> sacrificing flexibility.  Why should anything under Debian be an
> extensive chore?
> Debian Linux, for example, is the free source version of Linux
> (obviously). It is better than Red Hat by every standard.  Yet Red Hat is
> used more.  
> This is because programmers are "minimalist" by nature, not wanting to
> spend time doing extra work when other programmers can figure it out.  Red
> Hat does not make that assumption, at least, part of the time.
> So the question becomes, "Who are we, as Debian, going to accomodate when
> the distributions are designed?"
> People aren't stupid or dumb, they simply lack the experience and other
> knowledge that you and I take for granted.   I'm not going to suggest that
> we get crazy about this -- it is the decision that belongs to the
> maintainer of the package as to how friendly it is.
> Without taking anything away from RH, I would like to see Debian become
> the #1 distribution - making it a little more user friendly will help.
> "Clueless" users aren't bad for Debian.  They are a part of the community
> that Debian serves.  Perhaps batting this issue around may cause a flame
> war between the "user friendly" and the "efficient" methodology - but
> I'll take the risk, as long as we can remain adults about it.  This
> is something we need to consider very closely.  Debian, at least in part,
> or in spirit, depends on the public.
> Software is useless to most of the public - even if it well written - if
> it takes a Ph.D and 15 docs/manpages to reconfigure or install it as
> needed. I think we need to strike a balance.
> Thanks for reading...
> T.J. Duchene
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