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Re: We can halve volume by not allowing nondevelopers to post

On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Ian Jackson wrote:
> The situation we have now is that the list is largely useless for its
> original main purpose: internal nonconfidential discussions amongst
> developers.

[most of Ian's sensible comments snipped]

> Certainly we should create another list for other developer-user
> interactions, but we cannot expect most developers to read the number
> of postings we see in -devel at the moment, so we wouldn't necessarily
> expect developers to subscribe to that new list.
> I don't think either that closing -devel to nondeveloper postings will
> significantly harm Debian's open culture.

My initial instinct was to disagree with Ian's proposal - and agree with
the various protests in this thread.

However, I am becoming convinced by his latest arguments.

I could see some benefit from this situation:


Discussion of debian development.  Open for reading, posting restricted to
debian developers.  Debian non-developers are encourage to express their
points of view in private mail to someone on the thread - and the
developers are expected to summarise these opinions, when they are
valuable.  Debian developers are expected to subscribe to this list.


The preferred forum for non-developers to make suggestions to debian
developers about all aspects of debian development.  If a discussion
results in a consensus, or highlights an important issue, one of the
developers here will bring it to the attention of the debian-devel list.


List for discussing particular caveats and buglets in particular versions
of the debian distribution.

A statement like this might be posted on the lists web-page:

The Debian developers sincerely regret the necessity of closing the
debian-devel list to posting.  However, it was deemed that the importance
of having a public forum to which all developers could subscribe made this
move necessary.  It is hoped that the devel-discuss list, and private
mail, as well as the various special purpose debian lists, will provide
enough channels of communication to keep debian an open project.


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