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Intent to Package: Mozilla, Japhar, and Classpath

I intend to package a trio of projects that will combine to create a free
web browser implementation.

1.  Mozilla-- the Netscape-based web browser, now using GTK/themes.
Currently builds and nearly works.  Will upload when it's reasonably stable.

2.  Japhar-- The free java virtual machine.  This is another JVM, written by
one of the Hungry.com guys.  He was also a Netscape employee, so Japhar has
the distinction of being the only free JVM that supports netscape's JVM
interface.  It is a mostly complete Java 1.2 implementation.

3.  Classpath -- Free implementation of Java's base java classes.  These are
the java classes that reside in the "java.sun.*" and "java.sys.*" heirarchy.
Classpath development has been proceeding in step with Japhar, and the two
now work together.

Obviously, Japhar and Classpath will not provide the high performance of
kaffe's JVM (yet), but they do provide an entirely free alternative to Sun's
proprietary system.  AFAIK, even Kaffe requires the use of Sun's base



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